Best SEO Specialist Agency in Sydney

With the level of competition of online businesses, new business starts, or investors must look for better ways to stay afloat. Also, it is not enough to just get by but instead have a competitive advantage over others. Presently, there exist billions of companies and startups. Whereas the Australian economy alone, as of June 2020, could boost over 2.4 billion actively trading businesses. And this number has kept growing by the day, bringing more opportunities to newcomers. Click here to read more about SEO agencies in Sydney.

Top SEO Agencies in Sydney

An integral part of the business is the digital approach, and you need the services of a professional SEO agency. Whereas ethical SEO methods require website audits, high-quality data acquisition, and content marketing. An excellent professional SEO agency should also have outstanding qualities to prove that it can deliver on the business goals through SEO digital marketing. An SEO agency in Sydney, Australia, must prove her worth in terms of the following 8 solid characteristics:

  • Experience and professionalism in SEO
  • A good reputation through proofs from previous clients
  • Latest tools or techniques for the best results in SEO
  • Ethical methodology or white-hat SEO
  • A professional team
  • Realistic goal setting and diligence in getting
  • Official and unplanned Communication
  • Flexibility in execution and billing packages

This article discusses some of the best SEO agencies available to work in Sydney, Australia. The list also contains the peculiar things about each company and how they can help gain more visibility for your business and organic sales. 

  1. WebFX

WebFX is a top company located in Sydney, New South Wales but has worked with other companies worldwide. It boasts of between 250 and 999 employees that work as a team to accomplish your set goals. Also, the company has partnered with top brands like Google, Facebook, Salesforce, and trusted digital companies. No doubt, you can contact WebFX directly for top digital marketing campaigns. However, your company must prepare for an hourly budget between $100 and $149 per hour. More so, the company has successfully generated over $2.4 billion in customer revenue and over 6.3 million leads for their clients.

  1. Mayple

Do you have an eCommerce business in Sydney, and you need to reach the top 1% circle? You should then consider hiring Mayple because it boasts an hourly service rate between $25 and $49. As a small-sized company itself, it manages close to 50 employees who are also SEO experts. This company helps you set realistic digital goals and provides a workable strategy to achieve them. It also has some advanced digital technology skills and techniques that match that of high-ranking digital brands. As a Sydney-based company, you can be sure of meeting your marketing goals with a limited budget.

  1. SEM Nexus

SEM Nexus is a go-to SEO brand known across Sydney for one of the most innovative and hottest mobile apps. The company has combined a high-quality service with affordable pricing between $50 and $99 per hour. It also has highly adaptive features that can be customized for specific market structures and peculiarities. As a mobile app for digital marketing, it ensures that digital marketing campaigns have ready results to make the best decisions. Furthermore, the brand location is Sydney, New South Wales, while having between 10 and 50 employees. 

  1. SmartSites

SmartSites, as a Sydney-based brand, is into digital marketing through SEO and PPC and optimized web design. Companies can secure the services of this brand with an hourly budget between $100 and $149. The brand has also gained a lot of ground in Australia and pitched itself among the fastest-growing American digital marketing companies. With just a decade of brand experience, the company already has a workforce of between 50 and 249 staff members through the diligent work of the pioneer brothers, Alex and Michael Melen. 

  1. SEOValley Solutions

SEOValley sounds like Silicon Valley, doesn’t it? Perhaps that is the idea: to become the most trusted and fastest-growing digital marketing firm globally. The company focuses on helping tiny and medium-scale businesses drive continuous sales through viable marketing strategies. SEOValley Solutions have been in operation for two decades (from 2001 till present) and has been gradually setting the pace in meeting these businesses’ marketing demands towards more financial growth. 

  1. Apps Firm

Apps firm is a top mobile app development agency in Sydney, Australia. The company boasts between 10 and 49 professional developers and designers with many years of experience, creating the best digital solution for other businesses. However, the hourly budget intending clients should prepare is within the range of $100 and $149 per hour. This company can create s highly optimized website and synchronize with a suitable mobile app for your product or service. Also, their digital solutions can boost your business sales and give an overall competitive advantage.

  1. Uplers

As big as Uplers is a brand, it still maintains an affordable hourly rate for small and medium-scale businesses in terms of company size. This company can provide digital services to end-to-end designs, web development, email in B2B services, digital marketing, and other related services in over 52 nations of the world. Whereas the number of employees for Uplers is between 250 and 1000, forming a formidable team of SEO professionals that focus on specific areas of the digital workspace. The company also has a wealth of experience working with over 1000 top brands globally, including Disney, National Geographic, Facebook, Amazon, and 21st Century Fox. Then, it has standard physical offices in Australia and the USA. 

  1. Covert

You have so far read about some of the most popular brands across Sydney and to the world. Now, reintroducing to you a performance-driven digital marketing agency in Sydney – Covert. Covert focuses primarily on developing a strategic and creative plan to lead your brand to the targeted height through state-of-the-art digital tools. Some of the brand’s outstanding services include creating an e-commerce digital marketing platform and a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign for top brands. Covert has worked with some leading brands such as MSI, Franck Provost, ATPCA, Mr Roses, Gamuda Land, Liberal, Greenland, ABTennis, and others. 


Finally, this article discussed up to 8 different brands for your digital needs as regards SEO. However, the most guaranteed brand is the Covert platform, which can communicate your brand to the world and reach your marketing goals when it comes to SEO. More so, no matter what the digital goal is, you can trust Covert with a digital solution that can make things work smoothly. While making a choice of the best SEO agency in Sydney, you should consider Covert first. 

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