The Pros and Cons of Brass Tapware

Homeowners go for brass tapware as much as they go for chrome or matte black finishes. More importantly, the brass tapware represents a classic or vintage collection of the tapware industry. Perhaps, it is even the earliest tapware finish that became popular among the elites of their days. But more recently, the brass tapware is more for those homeowners who make up their minds to go against the popular trends of colours and finishes. 

Whereas, just like other finishes, it is time to consider the pros and cons of having brass tapware in your home. Among professional artisans who work with brass, there is a widespread impression that brass components are more natural with the development of patina on them. In addition, there is the assumption that all tapware is primarily brass, except that it is made directly from stainless steel. They can also come in varieties, such as raw or living brass.

You can find the best design of brass tapware on display while searching for the one that matches your style. But more importantly, you should consider the finishes in terms of their functionality and durability. In addition, the best idea of the brass tapware use can show in terms of the different manufacturers and suppliers. For instance, if you cannot tell the difference, you may buy a brushed gold in the place of brass tapware without professional handling. 

Pros of Brass Tapware

As earlier observes, brass tapware in the home shows traditional elegance and cultural richness. However, recent times have had this type of tapware finishing filtering into the mainstream of modern bathrooms and kitchens. This unique tapware collection is what makes an unmatchable beauty, mainly when laid against an all-white bathroom background. At the same time, a fantastic bathroom can also receive some warmth from the tapware brass addition. 

For instance, you may tone it up slightly by adding brass tapware if you have an existing grey, navy blue or similar colours. Meanwhile, there are two primary types of bold finishes, the polished and the brushed brass tapware. As the name sounds, the polished brass appears shiny both in look and feel and can often be mistaken for chrome except for colour tone. On the other hand, a brushed brass finish looks more muted and slightly worn look. You cannot compare its elegance to many different polished tapware finishes. 

The brass tapware can also show up in different styles to match modern expectations. But the most conspicuous use for the shiny attribute is seen when it is hung as a wall mixer. On the other hand, it gives a pop look for an instant feature in the bathroom when it appears in the splashback. 

Cons of Brass Tapware

As great looking as brass tapware can get, it also has some reservations regarding choice tapware. In fact, many of those who seemingly want to renovate their buildings with brass tapware finishes may need a rethink after learning the not-so-good attributes. The first disadvantage of using brass tapware is that it gets rather more expensive than most other finishes. So, if your budget for bathroom construction or renovation is low, you may want to avoid the use of brass tapware. 

The second poor attribute of this brass tapware finish is that it is usually a standalone outfit. It is tough to match the brass tapware with some of the other brass wastes and plugs. Even when you still insist on matching them, you can obtain a more expensive combination than an outright matte black or chrome. One way to eliminate this problem is to check if the tapware brand also comes with its own matching accessories. If it does, you have saved yourself from the stress and guess of figuring that out on your own. Even if it looks odd, still explore the options more. 

The third reason why you should think twice about having brass tapware in the home is that it can lose its lustre after a while. Many people who would choose the brass tapware would do so because of the lustre look. So, it is the last thing anyone would expect it to lose. But the tapware finish does not really care about that. As soon as you begin to use it, you can start to watch it lose some of its warmth. While some people do not mind toning down the colour of the bathroom, others frown at this change.

However, it does not compromise the quality of the brass covering, especially if you picked a good grade in the first place. So, the way out is to ensure you go for high-quality brass tapware from the outset. That is the way to ensure great longevity of the finish material and get a value above all other options apart from the brass.

Other essential attributes of Brass Tapware

A brass faucet or tapware can give your bathroom all the vintage look you ever dream of on many conditions. For instance, the brass-rich bathrooms show a traditional style that only the older ones seem to appreciate. At the same time, the antique feeling is worth speaking about as it can be appropriate in public places such as restrooms of hotels and conference halls. At Tile and Bath Co, we make many of these varieties available to our buyers at great affordable prices.

On the other hand, the brass tapware can be extremely easy to clean under any condition that matches it. Meanwhile, it also comes with ideal bathroom accessories that are incredibly resistant to corrosion for long life. For instance, if you live in areas with a lot of water flow that contains a high propensity to corrode metals, you may need to pay attention to this tapware finish collection. 

Some of the top items in the brass tapware category include the following

  • Vellamo twist brushed brass basin mixer tap and waste
  • Vellamo twist brushed brass wall mounted basin mixer
  • Vellamo twist brushed brass bath shower mixer and shower kit
  • Vellamo twist brushed brass deck mounted bath filler
  • Butler & Rose Beatrice Brushed Brass Basin Mixer Tap & Waste
  • Butler & Rose Beatrice Brushed Brass 3 Hole Basin Mixer Tap
  • Butler & Rose Beatrice Brushed Brass Wall Mounted Basin Mixer Tap
  • Butler & Rose Beatrice Brushed Brass Bath Filler
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